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Who We Are

Real School Work is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization designed to help failing schools and the disadvantaged youth that attend those schools. Our goal is to step up, by providing programs and financial support that will ultimately impact the future of disadvantaged youth.

Our Focus

buy Lyrica 150 mg Creating successful students is our focus. Empowering the children to concentrate on learning can be difficult when their thoughts may be the dramas at home. Our focus must be finding ways to reduce their stresses and restore their will to learn. Some children enjoy the diversion of reading children’s books for the first time when they enter the school system.

Some children do not recognize the difference between the front of a book and the back of one. Some may not write their first letter or write their first number until they enter the school system. For these children, education did not start with Mom or Dad reading a book before bedtime.

go Our focus is kids coming from dysfunctional homes: both parents jailed, drug use is in the home, housing project violence is rampant. Some children are not stressing because of waiting to buy a new pair of designer shoes. They are more concerned that the pair of shoes they are wearing are too big because the only pair available are Dad’s hand-me-downs.

orlistat 120 mg price in india Our focus is the children.

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