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The Founding of Real School Work

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THE BEGINNING Real School Work was founded in October of 2013 with the initial project to support the needs of Oakland Terrace Elementary School and students.  In order to facilitate a learning environment, Real School Work searches for ways to meet the needs of disadvantaged children. Believing that the economic growth and well-being of a community depends on its citizens and the collective knowledge within to succeed is the motivation for each project. The concept to support the mission began small with the first project including purchasing sunglasses and t-shirts for the students of one class in the school. The time of the school year when FCAT testing is in full swing can be overwhelming and the role of Real School Work had to be to add elements of humor and fun.  The students proudly walked around in cool t-shirts and humorous sunglasses. Donating a bouncy house and slide also added a bunch of fun for the students. The continued focus must be finding ways to reduce student stress and replace it with a will to learn. Some children are not stressing because of waiting to buy a new pair of designer shoes. They are more concerned that the pair of shoes they are wearing are too big because the only pair available is hand-me-downs. NEXT PHASE The role of Real School Work is to facilitate the needs of the school for their administration and not to dictate what is done. The principal and staff work inside the school every school day, so the best resource for knowing the needs inside the school always fall to them. The largest...